A nice weekend part 1

Last weekend was just a typical weekend for me, but made special coz I got to spend it with special people. Now you have to understand that there are some people hadn’t seen the whole of this year. Friday started like just any other Furahi day, and I was hoping that  at least some plans might come up and give me a nice ending to otherwise boring week. Anyway, I decided that rave for this month is inappropriate, more so since i’m broke, more so than the mythical church mouse. After a quick shower, Im never the one to take forever in a shower. after all i do bathe everyday and i don’t see where so much dirt can come from in one day. I took a mat to town after bargaining with the greedy conda and settling for 40 bob, see I told you i’m broke. 30 minutes later saw me land in town, and after checking myself out to ensure everything was in place, headed to mama ngina street in search of 20th century. To digress a bit from this story, i got to say i’m feeling good.Why? No reason really, I think i’m going crazy. You should see me rock ma head, up and down, thrown my hands up and shake them, like the world depends on it. I close my eyes, stretch my hands as if to embrace my fate, which fate, well don’t know really, but thats the beauty of it. But lets go back to the story, this story which i’m trying to complete as tahidi high tries its best to distract me. No worry, you come first my dear reader and hence i must gather my literal wits and go on in this journey, well at least my fingers must. And so me and my pal ken acquired two tickets for the movie faster starring the rock Dwayne Jonson. Now I’m not a fun of this goon, seeing as he has a tendency to act gay movies like the toothfairy. But this movie is alright by my standards and vengeance here is served fast and hard. But the dude should have smoked that pastor dude, that suspense had been way too much. But the highlight of that movie was this two chics sitting across from us, made so by the fact that one of them had some beautiful legs. To make matters worse she stretched them over the seat in front of her, exposing them all the way to her mid Thailands. men it is not that easy to concentrate on a movie with a hot chic displaying her beautiful wares close by, you just feel like telling her to let you kneel before her and use you as her support for those lovely legs. So later I head to jazz where i was linking up with ma beautiful pal soni for coffee and maybe a beer. But recent times have seen all our coffee dates turn to liquor dates and i decided enough with hypocrisy, today I’m sticking to coffee. So Soni saunters into the club and on spotting me gives me one of her killer smile, walks over and leans for a quick hug. Now i don’t always note her dressing habits but today shes looking exceptional well in her dress top, showing off her lovely figure. anyway we have coffee and talk about everything and nothing, but then again, isn’t that what friendship is all about. So soni is asking me why on earth I’m taking coffee on a Friday, and goes ahead to decline my offer to order her coffee but instead settles for a cold, crisp redds. Men that dj had to start playing some really cool jams just when we were leaving, talk about an annoying way to end a Friday. and being the gentle man i am, cough cough, i escort ma pal to her stage and after a brief hug head towards my own stage and make my way home. And after an uneventful trip in a very old matatu, I find myself in my lonely crib with the only company being several blogs by great writers. tomorrow would probably be a better day, but still, Friday was okay by any standard.


2 responses to “A nice weekend part 1

  1. hmmm…being a movie junkie, methinks I’ll wait for the DVD copy…i mean, if you managed to get distracted by a lady’s legs in a semi dark theater, then it wasn’t gripping enuff 🙂


    PS: For a broke chap, you sure had a lovely day though

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