Knowing me- part 2

I had a beautiful childhood. Beautiful in many ways, yet tough in so many others. But if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. The one thing that I remember my mom telling me about the period preceding my first birthday, is the fact that I was very lazy. She used to rile me on the fact that it took me 1 year 2 months to walk, while my other siblings took less that an year. Needless to say as the first born, my siblings felt it necessary to disregard the pace i had set for them. To make up for the laziness, I was a good infant and didn’t cry for no particular reason. My mom always said that it would have been easy for any stranger to steal me since i never refused any chance to be held by strangers. I was always smiling foolishly to everyone who would indulge me with a hold, especially the one who would be gracious enough to throw me up then catch me. yes, i was a good baby in every regard, except the lazy habits. But then again when your a few months old, where is the hurry? After all, even if you learn to walk early, it is not like you’ll be going anywhere soon. But I like to think that it must have been early wisdom, a grasp of the biblical scripture “the first will not always finish first.” I look at some of my baby pictures and i can’t help but notice how fat i was. Makes me wonder where all that potential went, for most of my life I’ve been a skinny kid. But the dynamics of this world are always elusive, hidden from the understanding of mere mortals. My mom must have loved to feed me, and I once must have been a glutton. yes, it was clear from then that my mom was a good mother, from the time of my birth to the time of her death.


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