Sex part 3

What defines good sex and in the same stride leads many to a path of boredom and frigidity. I don’t really know the answer to that question but i do have an opinion, as do everyone else, and wish to share it in this forum. The first issue includes intimacy, as a contrast to the general issue of sex. some people, myself included find sex to be more meaningful if used as a tool of intimacy, reinforcing emotional growth rather than a tool of physical pleasure only. While some are able to indulge in meaningless acts of intercourse with random people and still find fulfillment, most feel that sex is an important issue and hence randomness cannot allow them deeper satisfaction. Pursuing emotional growth between possible sex partners can be a way of improving the over all sex experience. Some people say that practice practice makes perfect. My gym has a poster refuting that saying partly and reintroduces a better definition, that perfect practice makes perfect. So a person who wishes to provide his/her partner with a good experience needs first to become conversant with different sexual methodologies. I use his/her because it isn’t a single partners job to please the other and both have an important role to play in the game. The first avenue which partners can use to learn new skills include mass media, porn movies to be precise. Every boy at some time gets to indulge in the exclusive right of passage, pornography. i believe some women too have gained that habit too, and I believe it is  for the best since it acts as a tool of enlightenment for some of our duller sisters. Armed with an open mind, a sex tape, a person is able to derive important knowledge about how to please their partners. There are several positions people can adopt during coition and which add to spicing sex and providing those all elusive orgasm o your partner. I have heard of the so called 1 minute man, and do not understand exactly why that is even possible. But my thought on the issue is that it is a result of selfishness, an arrogance on his part and hence the non recognition of an obligation to satisfy the other. such a man deserves ridicule in the hope that he can gain consideration for others, and make society better by ensuring all women are well sorted out in the bedroom department. But if the problem is medical, then such a man owes it to himself and her to seek medical intervention and hopefully become an 1 hour man.


4 responses to “Sex part 3

  1. The morality of fornication? (Sex 2) – I’d agree that that’s a personal consideration. Whatever let’s you sleep soundly at night.

    The goodness of sex (Sex 3) – I once went for a bridal shower where attendees were advised to be selfish in sex as it’s damn hard to please the other party without being pleased yourself. It wasn’t bad advice – and that’s all I’m saying. But I guess it’s more directed to women since jamaas can be done in a minute…

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