Sex- part 2

In my opinion, there are certain factors which make pre marital sex a necessity, and which might mitigate the immorality of such acts. First, people used to get married right after puberty and hence the need for premarital sex was greatly reduced if not completely obsolete. Nowadays, civilization has necessitated the need for prolonged education and and the enactment of laws that prevent early marriages. In this regard, people usually have to wait till the mid twenties to get married and hence have to contend with sexual urges that arise from puberty. It is therefore unfair to impose laws which were fitted for different circumstances on a population which have been born on purely different ones. therefore, premarital sex becomes the only method of assuaging these desires as one waits for the right time to marry and hence leave behind cultural and spiritual immorality. A case in point is the prescription that babies should only take mother’s milk for the first six months, but what happens when there is not enough and the baby is continuously hungry? Secondly, our present world is tolerant of a sexual lifestyle, and hence people feel no need to refrain from indulging in this pleasure. But what makes our society tolerant? are we very different from the ages of Sodom and Gomorrah? After all most states in the world are embracing homosexuality, and such was the situation in those cities of profound iniquity.  I frown heavily on homosexuality, finding it purely unnatural and hence an affront against both nature and God. A relationship is a beautiful thing, and hence such a bond might give legitimacy to an act of making love, bringing closer two people who wish to be. Intimacy here becomes a bond, and such an act cannot be really wrong.Or can it? Lastly, we all have a conscience that should guide us in deciding what is right or wrong, and hence we have an obligation to be true to it. In this regard, if one feels that what he is doing is right, can it be wrong? But in the end of days, everyone will be made to account for their actions and the question remains whether you truly beloved your acts were right, or were just a hypocrite.


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