I’ll start this blog with a quote from my pal’s facebook profile that we are captives of our own identity. So what is an identity? This term is rather ambiguous, and its definition is diverse depending on which outlook you choose to view it from.  However, i want to talk about the identity that deals with self image, how an individual chooses to view himself. there are two important factors that greatly influences this perception, among them being self esteem and gender. We act in a way that is always in line with how we view ourselves, and it is nearly impossible to go above the constraints of this limit. And in such, people who believe they are immensely talented usually end up succeeding in their chosen paths. Others who fail to see their true self worth fail, not because they are incapable, but rather due to the fact that they lack faith. So a person who wishes to succeed in all areas of life must first seek to create a personal identity that is able to act as a foundation for monumental success. How does a person go on such a journey? That answer is difficult, even for me who has adequate training in philosophy. self esteem, though mainly as a result of internal process, can be gained through meditation, reflection and emulation. this is the part where the saying that if you hang around wise man, some of their wisdom might rub onto you comes into play. In this regard, choosing friends who have high esteem might act as tool to boost one’s confidence and improve once self image and create a winning identity. Reading motivational books can also help a lot so long as one has the spirit to try new things, and the ability to believe that all is possible. Wisdom is a complex issue to grasp, but if one can successfully pursue and acquire it, it would consequently cause one to gain a deeper understanding in the way things should be. In such a regard, failure would motivate a person to succeed, while success would in turn inspire internal confidence to soar. All in all, we must not forget that reputation is better than money and we should not compromise it in pursuit of success or money. For once it is lost, it cannot be gained and a bad reputation will be a sure kill to good self image, and ultimately will lead you to a path called failure.


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