Knowing me – 1

i was born almost 25 years ago, first born in a family of 4 kids.  i feel at this juncture that most of you have come to know more about the way i think without ever taking the time to know me. So, here goes one of my hardest task, letting you dear reader get a glimpse of most of my life. i don’t know whether this is a good idea, but to an extent i feel that it is a necessity. I cannot promise you, my friends, that i will lay bare all the events of my life. if I do so, i might just attract ur judgment, and i do not think that it would all be favorable. But I will talk about important events in my life, important at least to me and their effects towards shaping who i am. i ask only that you keep an open mind, and find it in ur heart to go above hipocracy as a way of restraining negative judgement. I am not perfect, and never will i pretend to be. and so this will be a story about imperfections, and i hope that my audience will be imperfect too. For an imperfect author cannot hope to appeal to a perfect audience, and its only through a similarity of virtues or vice that they can form a bond. But just like everyone, my life has been full of many ups n downs, success and failure. But i am still here, trying hard to beat all odds and find both success and fulfillment.



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