sex- part 1

What is sex? i believe we all know the meaning of the word, even though many might not have the exact word to explain. It is a term which is synonymous with several other terms among them being: intercourse, coition, fucking, making love, sleeping together, banging, hitting that tail, tapping that ass, kutiana, kumangana, kuriana, and many more. Sex is a difficult topic to delve into, more so since our attitude about it is biased by religion and society values. However, everyone of us have a unique attitude to sex, devoid of both religion and what society expects of us. all of us have heard the long lived adage that sex should not be practiced outside marriage, and the origin of this sentiment can be traced to religion and culture. In fact the days of old, those ancestral days, women were taken to be virtuous if they remained chaste till marriage. Therefore, a lady who lost her virginity before marriage would be considered immoral, and would have brought shame to herself and her entire family. This attitude was reinforced with the introduction of Christianity which stipulates that sex before marriage is immoral and sinful. So, what changed and are these changes necessarily wrong? I think any attempt to answer this question must be purely subjective, for truth in this case is relative to a person’s individual belief. But my general opinion about life is that there is nothing that is completely wrong, and that there are circumstances that make something acceptable to an extent. A good example concerns murder. Murder is wrong for it involves taking a life which is sacred. But in a case of self defense, murder becomes acceptable since the alternative is unacceptable. Therefore, there are certain factors that make sex outside marriage acceptable, at least withing a social framework, for religion is too rigid to have any room for inclusion of such a change in attitude.


16 responses to “sex- part 1

  1. Your post brings to mind a friend of mine who was a virgin until her 31st birthday. When younger it was great and she was saving herself for ‘the one’ but as time went by, the less and less alluring it became. As you say, somewhere along the way, being a virgin was no longer ‘in’ and hers became a dirty little secret. She broke her virginity with some random guy and was glad to be released from her shameful secret.

    As you ask, when did it all change?

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