The Lost mzungu and other short stories- Where is truth

pg 4 n 5

The judge relaxed in a comfortable seat inside his office and wondered how he was going to handle the next case. A section of the legal society were suing the police commissioner for human rights abuse during a demonstration recently held to by these learned friends to complain against these same violations. But it seems our country is bent on perpetual ignorance, a need to abuse others as a tool of dominance and subverting rebellion. He can’t help and feel apprehensive about all these, curious about what would happen if the judges took to the street to complain about the same. Would these security men be so enthusiastic to fall upon them with clubs and water cannons, kicking and punching these noble fellows. Perhaps, but he did not intend to let that ever happen and the next case will give him and his brothers a chance to redress this issue once for good. But that is what he would want all his colleagues to believe, for the truth was something totally different.

Furaha back in the days loved to visit his beloved, loving the surprised expression in her face when he surprised her with a visit. He would prepare himself meticulously, choosing just the very clothes that Winny always complemented. But before that day could be upon him, he would spend several more looking for just the right presents to take to his dear Winny. Mostly he would settle for jewellary, expensive ones since she was a woman with very exquisite and expensive taste. But he never did mind, noble Furaha, for the wise men of old did say that love is indeed blind. Some local gurus in fact went further to declare that the beloved’s place has no hills, something that is quite ironical especially for our country. But then, Furaha was so begotten he could never doubt her love for him; and in his eyes Winny could never do any wrong. Once some one had asked him what his definition of an angel was, and he had promptly told the enquiring fellow that it must be Winny. No need to say that Furaha had walked away chuckling to himself as his bewildered companion was left to try and come to terms with his friend’s witty answer.

So after frantic efforts to acquire the right gift for her, he would pack for a weekend and head to her campus. And on arrival, he would show himself in to her room using the key she had given him and wait for her. He always travelled there on a Friday since he knew she would never be in her room and hence his presence in her room would definitely be a surprise. And when she came into the room she would cry in delight and throw her arms around him, hugging him tight close to her beautiful bosom. That hug always stayed with him long after the visit, a beautiful memory acting as a reference point for joy in terms of sadness. She would lean back a bit so as to kiss his lips, slowly at first but frantically as their desire rises up. And there in her room, they would make sweet love taking only short breaks to get some food in their exhausted bodies. Yes, these were beautiful times for Furaha, the best days of his life.


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