Resolutions of the year-part 2

A blog fan of mine commented on the first part of this article and pointed out that i had no resolutions. I’m not quite sure i agree, for to have no resolutions at all is a reflection of no growth whatsoever. For the end of an year does bring with it a beautiful opportunity, one to look back n see what needed to be changed to improve one’s well being. So i do have some ideals that i want to pursue, back to call them resolutions would be wrong; or at least fallacious in the least.  for resolutions requires careful meditation, and rational decision to refer to them as such. No, mine are not resolutions but rather a conscious choice to identify certain ideals that might prove beneficial if i use them as a guide, or tools in my endeavor to succeed. I have not many ideals even so, for i hope to be able to identify them as the year moves along. What i have as of now is a desire to work hard, very hard in all areas that might prove beneficial to me.  This mainly in my writings and other businesses, for monetary wealth is good possession to have. In this regard, i want to cut down on my freedom, and will identify a methodology that does that and still proves profitable for me.  Secondly, I intend to go back to school and take a degree course which i should have taken from the onset. For at the end of this life, i hope to have no regret at all. i also plan to travel some more, in directions that are not usually in my agendas. this of course includes out of the country destinations. I have also noticed that i havent being giving adequate time to the gym and i intend to reverse that trend immediately. On that note, i intend to hit the gym at least four times a week. and to sharpen my martial arts skills some more, i intend to take a new discipline, aikido, at the Japanese embassy. I also hope to gain some spiritual nourishment and will strive to ensure that Sundays gets me in a church, worshiping my God. All in all, I’m praying for an year whereby the fulfillment of such ideals is possible, and no drastic events will overtake me to cause distress and despair to my efforts. remember my dear readers, great men do not postpone till tomorrow what they can do today.


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