New Year resolutions -Part 1

A new year is a beautiful thing, a time for reflection and rebirth. It’s a time whereby individuals sit back and view their past year with eyes bent on seeking rejuvenation, redemption and a new beginning. Therefore, to make new resolutions without fist taking stock of the old is redundant, and is tantamount to pursuing a path towards nonsensical ending. For, me 2010 was an year without any form of direction and the many tragedies made it virtually impossible to formulate any executable plan of action. This has led me to wonder whether it is humanly possible to create a definitive plan that can lead to measurable and unalterable results. The answer to that question is too subjective, others might argue that it’s also too relative to quantify.

A wise man once said that to have no plan is to plan to fail. Another added weight to this saying by saying that a man with no direction cannot be lost, for he knows not where he leads to. Such statements might suggest that a new year should inspire individuals to create certain plans that will act as a guide towards achieving certain goals and objectives. This might as well be true, but perhaps wisdom should enable us to consider the alternate scenario. A man with no definite plan, but who understands where he needs to go, might be best placed to overcome the several hurdles life might throw his way. Why is that? Simple, this person takes with him a flexible attitude, and works hard in a smart way to achieve success without being burdened by defined parameters. In such, he allows creativity to be his guide and exploits every opportunity that life bestows upon him while negotiating problems with will power borne of non conformity.





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