Reflections of 2010-final part

I left Mombasa at the end of july, driven from paradise by pain in ma gut ocassioned by some malicious ulcers. I was to come home and fnd that both ma parents were sick and the mood at home was that of worry. However, it was still good to be home and for the first time in years, i decided to actually take residence at my old crib and spend quality time with family. I’m glad I did for i got a chance to spend adequate time with my ailing mother, for they turned out to be the last months of her life. Such a beautiful woman my mother, physically and spiritually. There were good people who made the rest of the year fun, people who were always there for me all the time. Friends like Paul, Anto, Po, karanja, anto church, grace, Cess karanja and Soni. ivy especially for being such a beautiful girl and always there to put a smile on ma face, thank you. it was ur constant urging that kept me going on with this blog even when inspiration was hard to come by. November saw the death of my dear mother and it was probably the most trying moment of my life. The funeral arrangement was a tiresome affair and it is only through through logistical and moral support from neighbors and friends that made it possible. Most friends who never knew my home struggled to trace it in a bid to console me and my family. Special mention must go to Roseabbey wambui, jenifer, mary, Slvia, and linda Kimathi. Others who made an impact include pauline, ruth and Faith and im grateful for giving us so much of ur time.  And after all is said and done, time must bring healing and life must go on. December was an interesting month since i got to spend time with friends. My friday coffee dates have become legendary with major actors being me, soni, anto and grace. ken, the new entrant can give testimony to the madness that ensues when coffee leads to liqour and 7pm becomes 7 am. i will mis this, but then again who knows what the new year might bring.


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