reflections of 2010-part 2

The Easter vacation was one of the most interesting parts of my year, and it is my hope that I can remember some of the reasons why. Most of you by now have deduced the fact that I love pork, and I spent a significant part of my time devouring this delicacy in Thika. What I love about Thika town is the great array of pork joints and it is no wonder that the quality of roast pork is just “yuu tu sana.”


Moreover, the weekend was full of partyyyying and needless to say the weekend was on fire. From Thika to Nairobi to the sexy clubs of the west. In addition I indulged in my literal hobby and headed to the national theater to watch a play dubbed “confessions of a harlot.” The play was awesome and one part that remained with me is the scene played by my sexy pal Yvonne. Kudo’s my dear, looking forward to another play and get a larger role this time round.


The holidays brought with them several opportunities and in a bid to exercise free will, decided to head to the coast for some time. Needles to say, this was one of the best times in my year and the memories still bring a smile to my face. Many thanks to my friends who kept me company and I hope that the rest of the time, after I left, was full of blessings. Edu and the many raves of went together and the several pools that I beat u at talylos. Still looking forward for a rematch. Dottie, with your beautiful nature for letting me have a taste of Bob’s. Soni and our belavista times, ur mad fun dear pal, and I still love our Friday coffee dates/ liquor dates hehe. Topping up the coast experience was the world cup, and I loved watching every match sipping a cold drink under the thatched clubs of the tropical cost. Big up to base pub, lambada, tembo disco, California, Bellavista for the final game, that german pub at mtwapa, bobs for the English US derby and Talylos at Mikindani for hosting us with their affordable beer.


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