reflections of year 2010- part 1

Today is Christmas, and just like the rest of the year, the time feels crappy with bad things following me like the gloomy presence of a determined reaper. However, it is still Christmas and i find myself, though feeling a little on the downside, inclined to say a few words about the year. This however will not include the many shenanigans our politicians keep subjecting us to. however, it is in line to commend Kenyans for passing a new constitution and making the first step towards ending impunity and slaying the dragon of impunity. The year started on a high, and happiness was in full measure. My motto for the year was to love myself and try as best to rediscover who i am. i was full of optimism and hope, daring fate to give me the best year of my life. In fact, I even decided at the beginning to give my relationship another chance oping that it might actually work. But a dog is always a dog and no amount of faith can change it into a goat and so i came to realize that this was an effort in futility. needless to say, the furthest it lasted is a month and a half more and there ended the longest bitter sweet relationship I’ve ever hand, 2 years and a half of pleasure and pain in equal measure. I know i Make it sound simple but the truth is it wasn’t, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, give up the woman i ever loved with my heart, body and mind. but pain is a natural consequence of life and healing but a product of hurt. But it would be a mistake to think that this year was all about pain and the next part of this blog might shed some enlightenment on that issue, my dear reader.


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