A tribute to my departed mother

“A mother, a beloved wife and a role model to society. She was many things to many people, but to us she was a pillar on which we drew our strength in a harsh world. She gave us life and devoted her life to provide us with love and care, toiling so hard to give us the right start to life. We have borne witness to the sacrifice our mother gave and her hard work in various sectors through our growth was the motivation propelling us to succeed. Nothing was too big for her, nothing to low, for her love for us was timeless, limitless and pure. Her smile always inspired us to feel that with her around, the world was harmless and that all was indeed possible. She allowed us to dream, and in her love our dreams took root towards becoming a reality. And in her death, the realization that the only purpose to life is to do good every day; and seek righteousness for this world is not our home. We are here just to prove our self worthy of God’s forgiveness, and her life bears testament that it is indeed possible. You were the best mother we could have asked for, and we will dedicate our lives to becoming worthy of being called your children. Mother, you fought a good fight, you kept the faith, you won the race, and for that we are eternally proud.”


7 responses to “A tribute to my departed mother

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  2. Peter, no words i can say can make you feel any better and nothing can i do to make everything different, i just hope you realize that your friend, me feels you and knows what agony it is to have your mother not there and i hope you will find the grace to carry on.

  3. No woman alive can ever take a mum’s place in our lives or can ever b half wat a mum is 2us.tha void left cannot b filld,it is a reminder of wat she stood for.keep strong man n may ur mums vision 4u come 2pass.

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