The Burning Land by Peter E. Njoroge

Page 2

I am in a building, its so dark. I can feel the rush of fear course through my blood, cold and chilling. I can feel the presence of other people yet in the darkness, i cannot see them. I have never felt fear like this, so encompassing like a big hand tightening round your neck. There is a another presence and i fear that it is not human. it has a dark aura around it, a lethal certainty as if it grows where humans wither with fear. It comes closer as if to examine the victims trapped in this dark abode, and a small cold sweat breaks out even though no heat exists here.

i recognize it for what it is, the shadow of death. The reaper of life, extinguisher of light. I am no longer afraid of him for it is not in his power to take my life from him. No, that privilege belongs to the human demons camped outside plotting our painful death. i know this because I can hear them shout to us, taunting us with war cries and shouts of cannibalistic glee. They boast of how they will roast us alive, vividly intoxication with the prospect of mass murder. I smell the odor of gasoline and i know, that the end has come. “I am not ready lord, oh please not so soon.” A young voice pierces through the darkness and gloom. The cry of one whose dreams are about to be cut short, never to see the fruits of one’s investment into life.

i close my eyes as the building catches fire and i make a silent prayer unto God. I feel the fingers of the flames take hold of my clothes, burning bright with the fury of hell. I feel the heat scorch my skin and i scream in pain as the fire becomes one with my skin. I wake up suddenly roused by the sounds of someone screaming. It takes me sometimes to realize that the scream came from my lips, and i can still feel the fear that still lingers deep in my being. But i take solace that I have had the dream so many times in the recent past it has become a large part of my sleeping and waking up. Soon i will go back to bed and the nightmares will continue unabated, a living hell that i must face every night.


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