A request from cess part 3

This might possibly be the last part in my attempt to fulfill a promise to a friend. I t has not been easy, trying so hard to be able to express my experience and ideas about you. For while some things are straightforward and easy, others might be wrong for such a forum and as such must remain as fragments of my memories; discarded but not forgotten. You know every time i go to japan embassy, i remember that single time we went with you. And surprisingly so, thats the only real fond memory i have of that place, made so by ur charming and exuberant character. Its also the last time i actually walked from that place, but walking alone might not be as enjoyable as doing so with you. You bought me a soda at Uhuru park, n I still remember sitting on the grass green enjoying my soda but enjoying your company more. Again that was the last time I ever set foot at Uhuru park and whenever i pass by there, i always remember you. I cant remember though what we talked about, it must have been naughty though because such a day, such a place, and such company can only inspire such a talk. Some people might think that the only things your capable of discussing is those with naughty orientation, that is far from the truth as much as an unicorn is a creature of reality. Your intellect is a refreshing thing, a reason why it is such a pleasure to be around you. i remember the only time i ever saw you dance, I know you dont. It was in your room listening to that tiny radio i gave you guys and i asked you to dance and you did. I was surprised really, but  i thought were such an amazing dancer: the way you shake that ass like a salt shaker hehe. i think I joined you and we dance a bit just the two of us, to the soft music of a small radio. We must have been close once. We would talk about our very private lives and some of the things you told me still make me smile. Too bad i cant say them here, I know most would kill to read them maybe some day in a different forum. It helped a lot by tha way, you listening to me, sharing a little of my inner burdens I’m grateful, truly. I wanted to seduce you once, dont know why. I guess a guy is just a guy. I think you might remember that day but you probably wont, I remember some aspects of it. I’m glad the opportunity was lost, I might have regretted it no matter how things would have gone that night. It was just one of those nights, circumstances saw us hanging the two of us and a naughty idea takes root and, self control and an intervention of fate saves the night.  There was a day you came to my room in second year and my roomy said you have such beautiful boobs. That was the first time i noticed that fact funny thing, i guess im just not a boobs fun but he was right. he kept asking me to invite you over again so that he can admire them some more, just imagine. He couldnt believe it that I’d never tried to…you get the idea, i dont think he ever believed me  anyway.  I can go on and on, but I can never really come to a conclusive end so i’ll let the others pick up from there. if life allows our friendship to last, Ill write the last part if fate deems me worth to so.


11 responses to “A request from cess part 3

  1. >Peter, No guy has ever been this honest! And I bought you a Soda?? I’d forgotten about it. And which roomie was that? I cant believe u’d not noticed them boobs before, hehe… kidding… You are such a blessing! And one of the reasons I work so hard coz of our bet! I simply have to beat u! 😉 It’s what we have in common; Go-getters. I wonder how the last post will be, but time and fate will surely tell. I dint see any bad or ugly part though., Does that mean, …. well,… 😀

  2. Ill beat u trust me hehe blv that. n ill kam buy u soda too heh anyway i love honesty the truth has a ay of setin u free….the problem is bak then wen we bet i knew what i wanted now i dnt but wen i beat u ill figure out something.

  3. Dude…human beings(on earth) r xcterzd by flaws…not even 1 4 cess.cmon..just1.anwayz i think u just defnd a crush,but then again..ive bn wrong b4.
    Lyk her blogs btw.

    • alboh flaws sometmes are subjective, n subjectivity is dealing in relativity that is invalidatable and i prefer to avoid making such an opinion in public. yeah she has nice blogs.

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