I mis being wrweckless

There was a time when life was simple, and all a guy cared about was getting laid and getting drunk. beautiful times then when responsibilities were few and stress was an unheard of phenomena. It is funny how many mistakes a person has made from that time to now and the consequent need to change in order to rectify those mishaps. I mis the drinking, that feeling of not having a care in the world as the mind revels in pure drunkenness. Its been so long since the last time i was drunk, years even. In fact the last several months have seen this son of a woman admire the bottle from a far as life has forced me to indulge in just water and coffee. There were times when we would start our weekend at the kbc half core base where we would quickly order a crate of beer two guys and demolish it by 9. Then we would hit the club till morning, more drinking and dancing without a care in the world. And to handle the hangover, we would promptly head to the local at 10 am and continue partaking more alcohol for the rest of the day. Back then it was such a small issue sleeping around. All you had to do was identify some hot mama in the village or in college and sooner than later, ud be in her pants:literary. Then one did not care about the consequences so long as one too k the precat6ion of not riding without socks. But such times are totally over. It makes no sense to sleep around anymore, i think experience does make it seem all meaningless. But still, i still miss it sometimes, all of it but i hope that i never go back to that kind of a life again.


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