A Request from cess part 2

I entered campus on August 2006 and took my place as young fresher bent to pursue a path of academic enlightenment n hopefully enjoy my youth with freedom and carefree attitude. But this story isnt about me, its about a lady who entered campus just about the same day. But I didn’t know that during the frantic registration process that ensued. As I pushed and cut lines in order to be served, i am pretty sure that this lady also was doing the same as K U was never known to have gentle ladies within its confines. The following weeks were followed by several classes and it is in one of this classes, math to be particular , that i met her. Most of you will be thinking at this juncture that i’m talking about cess but i have to disappoint you since the lady in context was Rhoda. As was customary in k u then, the days that followed saw her invite me to kam over to her room for a chat and I quickly obliged. It was while in her room, chatting and passing time that another lady swept in. i use the word “swept’ since that lady came in with force and speed as if the devil was in her heel and i remember that she was talking loudly with some other lady on the corridor. Hyper is the word that came to mind before everything else and i was intrigued by this lady who dint give a hoot that a stranger was witnessing this ‘wild” behavior. The second thing i noticed as the fact that she had a short skirt that showed her big, round behind so beautifully that my eyes almost refused to cooperate as I struggled to divert them from that beautiful booty. I, think at some point in our friendship i got to feel that booty, but I know that cess would nevr admit to that and my memory does not have the clarity to state it as a fact. Or maybe it was a dream, but I do rember, dream or not, that not many ladies can offer a better experience. So Cess, you have a booty to be proud of. I’m running ahead of myself so lets go back to our encounter where the lady was introduced to me as Cess.As i wind up this part, I have to admit that at that juncture i was torn between my attraction to her as a woman and the restrain i felt since she really wasnt my type. Reason, I just thought she was wild and i prefer my women sweet, calm and the very opposite of wild. But still, when I sat near her and talked to her, it took a lot of strength not to kiss or touch her and i still wonder at my strength that i learnt to suppress those urges. Frankly, i dont think those impulses were mutual. Cess nvr really at any point act in a manner that would suggest that she evr wanted to kiss or touch me, or if she wanted me to doi it to her. if she did, then no lady i have evr met can be such good at pretending that she didnt. But it is perhaps that conduct that made our friendship grow, for without romance, there is nothing to hinder friendship. To be continueed.


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