A request from cess part 1

On friday I wrote a tribute to a great lady, cess, in recognition of her great friendship and devotion to my blog. I had no idea how she would take this public commendation since i did not try to seek her approval first but was glad that due to her greatness, she expressed glee and happiness. This must be a lady whose breakfast must be two bottles of guiness since hers is an extraordinary greatness. This post is as a consequence of a request by her to use this forum to show her the kind of a gal she is, through my eyes and my simple experience as her friend. When i accepted that task, I had not been aware of what it entails nor had i fully grasped the implication of undertaking such a task. But a man must keep his word and all i ask, dear readers, is that you indulge me through your patience as it is quite clear that one post only cannot give justice to such a lady. I have to ask cess at this juncture to reflect on her wish for me to write this post as I might reveal some opinions that she might not be comfortable with. Should you find it necessary to stop my literal description of your qualities and sometimes lack of them, the people will understand.  if however you still feel that it is necessary to go ahead, then i beg that you do not judge me harshly for I am simply a literal tool to be used by the inspiration of literal consciousness bent on the celebration of the word display of the past.


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