Cess A great lady

Today is on Friday and  i’m feeling more tired than usual. Spent my morning fine tuning my driving skill before i picked a jav to town. The only interesting thing today was lunch with ivy. Therefore do not blame me if my mind does not fill like creating intellectual literature today. So today I just want to tell Cess that for the 4 years that I have known you, I think you area great lady. And I wish you nothing but success in all ur endeavors today  and tomorrow. Do not be disappointed that I have not gone ahead to write all ur great qualities but those  who know u will agree with me that they are plenty indeed. You may wonder why I’d write  this blog about you, but said I would yesterday for ur devotional following of my blog and the fact that we are still friends after so long. Cess, ur truly a great Kenyan.


2 responses to “Cess A great lady

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  2. Wow…. I love it. Would it be pushing things too far if i asked you to write a whole blog with all the qualities? The bad, the good and the ugly? I’d really like to see myself in someone else’s eyes. 😀

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