I think I love my ex…Part 3

It is official, atleast to me, that i no longer love my ex. In fact i find myself questioning whether I actually loved her in the first place or was misled to believe that i did. I’m sure there is research out there that claims that love is just changes in hormonal balance that lead you to experience feelings of deep affection for another individual. What I’m sure of is that those research do not accurately tell us how to recognise which hormonal changes are suposed to be love and which others are pure infatuation. What I’m coming to believe is that too much emotional attraction to another individual that happens too first and sometimes against one’s will cannot be love, not real one atleast. Why is that? Simple, to me love should be a choice that we make and should be a gradual process resulting to continued appreciation of another human being. I have to strongly point out that that other human being should be a member of the opposite sex and I strongly advocate that gay people are an affront not only to God but to nature too. Love, atleast in the context it is viewed in the wider soceity is too ambigous and hence one must first seek to understand it if he is to manage its efect. But any emotion that enslaves one’s will cannot be beneficial and since it is logical to avoid detrimental factors, it is only plausible to avoid this kind of love. It is however necessary to pursue that kind of gentle love that is based on deep friendship, closeness and values.


4 responses to “I think I love my ex…Part 3

  1. I think love is mo of a choice influenced by some weird chemical reations;2 much chemistry,i gues :-).wonder how long its been. Anway grt blog dude.. Krackd me up on tha gay issue….i think its necessary 2 clarify smthings these days..lol

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