Body or looks…part 2

I asked you people what is better, body or great looks and every one seems to be of the opinion that a hot body is better. However, I am at a loss in my bid to gain understanding of this phenomena since i only got response from the ladies. The reason I asked that question is because i met this chic and she was like “God your body looks so good, just marry me.” What was interesting about this act is because this was a girl who i used to know and never ever showed any interest that went beyond the platonic. The other day I also met another lady pal I haven’t seen in a long time and since i was wearing this small T shirt, the lady was telling me how good my chest looks and she had her hands all over it on the street. I thought it was weird how a girl can express how beautiful your chest looks and go ahead to touch it while men are not allowed the same privilege. So ladies can I do the same the next time I notice ur boobs looking mighty fly, hehe feel just a bit to make sure they feel just as good lolest..dont want a civil suit. My point is every time my body looks all muscular and toned and I wear a small T shirt, I get more praises in one day than Iv ever got about my looks in a lifetime. To be continued.


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