recordings at funerals

As I was heading to town today, two things happened to me. First i met my favorite cousin who iv not met for a while and it reminded me that time is so short nowadays and there is not enough of it to go round.  Second i saw a caravan of funeral vehicles and what really caught my attention is the guy hanging on the first car with a camera recording the procession. Then my philosophical mind went into overdrive and that is the reason why its late at night and I’m dipping into my philosophical arsenal to write this post.  I wonder why anyone should go to so much extra miles to capture such a sad day in the lives of a family while in essence, they should strive to forget. It made me wonder whether this family had ever attempted to record beautiful moments in the lives of this dead individual or they simply learnt of his importance as soon as the poor guy kicked the bucket. This in my opinion is pure hipocracy, the desperation acts of a family that knows that they didn’t do enough to appreciate the person during his lifetime. For the record dear reader, I do not support such actions and I believe that memories of the dead should be left at  the grave. After all it is better to remember the life of a person rather than live in the wake of his death forever.


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