Real versus fake friends

My pal Roseabbey was interested in finding out whether there are ways of determining who is a real friend versus fake ones. Swity, I’d be lying if i purported to know of any criteria that can be used to come up with such divine revelations.  it however evoked reflections within my soul and through this meditative process, i was able to view my friends and enemies in a new light. I have had some amazing friends in my lifetime, people whos actions have continuously renewed my faith in the human race. Alng the same stride, there are those hypocritical pricks, pardon my language, who have dulled my life’s light with their hypocracy, selfishness and betrayal. I have been a good friend to many and have tried so had to conform to the ideals of a good friend. I have tried hard to adhere to the old adage, a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, i am not without blemish for i have failed many who have put their trust in me. I have done so for many reasons and while i do not try to justify my failures, it goes to show that we cannot be perfect.  For those I have wronged, I say sorry. For those who have wronged me, I forgive you. And for those like Roseabbey who have continued to be good friends to me, I cherish you dear ones. And i hope that you know that you can trust on me to have your back whenever you need me. It would be wrong to finish this piece without acknowledging other great people who have continued to be pillars of friendship in my life. ivy, with your sweet character, Cess with your literal devotion, mike with your unreliable dependence, po with your refreshing drunkadness, grace with her wildness and total dependence, and all the  rock funs of our crew. I hope rose, that this piece will inspire you to delve deeper in your logical realm and be able to gauge who constitutes a real or a fake friend.


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