A typical peter’s day

Now there many lives that are exciting while others are simply boring. There are of course many factors that determine how a day goes and it is clear that since nothing in life is constant, it is difficult to find two days that are the same. It is also necessary to point out that a man or woman whose life bears too much similarity day by day is indeed a boring person who finds comfort in the rigidity of conformity. Some wise dude once said that he who lives within his own means suffers from a serious lack of imagination. As they say people, knowledge is limited but imagination encircles the whole world. So In this regard Iv just decided to take you through my day yesterday in the hope that you will realize that there are people whose lives are much simpler than yours. I woke up at 9 am  since I was unable to wake up at 4.30 as I’m accustomed due to sickness. Made breakfast which constituted of tea and two scrabbled egggs. After a quick shower, not that i ever take long showers, headed to town to get some work done. Linked up wit a pal Thugz since i needed him to give me some software to go format my computer which, God knows why, was writing sevens everywhere. Headed to banu and since i was feeling so sick and had no appetite, decided to take pork without sukuma. i was shocked to realize that for once in my life i could not finish pork quarter and I promptly instructed the attendant to park it for me. Went to say hi to my cuzo at his mini theater and i watched the expendables, that movie with so many stars. I linked up with my pal Ivy for a chat and she wanted to eat my packed pork, but i drew a line there. gal much love but no one was going to take my beloved meat from me, he he. I linked up with my cuzo after 7 and we had to hike a ride behind a huge lorry on my way home since it is very unsafe to walk at home where I come from. And in a typical mockery fashion, my comp was not misbehaving jana nyt as i prepared to format it and i made a silent curse as i remembered the cash i spent copying soft-wares.  So my people, my life is simple and typical, excitement is just occasional. Have a typically lovely day.


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