After promulgation

The new constitutional dispensation is poised to refresh a country over burdened by despair and disillusion. So in light of this new bout of hope, i set out to spend a relaxed and enjoyable weekend in anticipation of a hard and burdensome week head. friday afte saw me link up with ivy and together we headed to that swine city, banu, for sme tasty pork. To my advantage my pal was a bit unwell so I ended up gobbling up all the kahalf and ugali until my tummy was ready to burst. My people viva la swine, translation long live pork. We linked up with my cuzo jamo and headed to Westgate to catch a movie at silverbird in the afternoon. My intention was to pass the time enjoying magic in the sorcerer’s apprentice but my cuzo had other ideas and we ended up watching step up 3 in 3d. Now that movie may not be the best in script but the 3D experience is truly amazing. my people do check it out or simply wait for the last air bender to premier and watch it in 3D. satu was my cuzos wedding and the only eventful moment in the wedu is the fct that after lining up for the food, the plates were over by the time it was our time to be served. No worry we just ditched the wedu n headed to our pork den where we devored some more of that delicious meat. later I linked up with my homies Po n jamo, a pal of jamo kinyua, our buddy Grace and headed to town for a nyt of pure madness. Apart from me, everyone got drunk and Grace couldnt stop dancing and I was wondering kwani she was taking disel rather than gk hehe. Now thats a funny story, coz most times i go drinking with Grace the waiter usually assumes the white wine is for Grace and the GK for me. Shock on the guy when we tell him to switch the drinks. So I was just chilling watching my pals have fun and this chic, very hot, on the next table must have either decided I looked bored or too hot dont know which. The lady decided to wake up, shake it then proceed to give me a lap dance in very sensual ways. The result ofcourse is that the bf was up in arms and the dude was so huge, i thought I was a gonner but he realized i’m a gunner and he he chickened out. yap long live the hooligans. For some reason that happens a lot and I’m sure some dude is gonna decide to just shoot me. The annoying thing is that later as we headed home the damn cabs refused to take us home with the cult answer that it was very unsafe. Damn fools, if it is unsafe with a car what but us without NKT. Sunday was uneventful except that we had to chase thieves through the forest as they attempted to take away  our transformer. Dangerous place where i live, if you dont get arrested by greedy cops, you might die under the mungikis knife or the muger’s chuma.


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