I mis mombasa

There are many that would agree with me that this cold is not the best way to spend the few days that we have to spend in this paradoxical world. The nyts are chilly leading this son of a woman to resort to such underhanded techniques as sleeping under 3 blankets while still wearing a sweater. i had four of those large blankets but my sister after being almost chilled to death carried out a commando style robbery and stole one of them. Some might ask why not take it from her. Well, have you ever tried taking a piece of meat from a starving  lioness, you get the picture. This leaves a poor bloke longing for the warmth that only the hot body of a beautiful woman can provide but alas, a poor bloke must sleep alone. This in turn leaves me looking back to the beautiful times i spent in the warm warm coast. Ohhh how i mis that place. The warm waters of the Indian ocean in the after noon to sooth my tired muscles. The fresh large fish cooked with coconut oil and other tasty spices by Binti. The many nyts hanging with pals at our local belavista. beautiful times yes but what i mis most is the heat. The fact that i need not trouble myself with sweaters was the one thing that never failed to bring a smile to my lips. And as i sing of, I cant stop wondering when life will allow me to go back to my tropical heaven.


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