promulgation weekend

Tomorow presents the most historic day in the present day Kenya. It is the coming to force of the new constitution and hopefully the beginning of a better tomorrow for the people of Kenya. In the wake of these greatness, I have to pay a tribute to my faithful funs whose interest in my blog keeps my literary fires burning. i hope that I do not cross a forbidden line, but I feel strongly that at this juncture, this tribute is a must. First, is to the two literal geniuses who’s blogs have inspired me to continue along this treacherous path> Cess and jade. cess with your ever imaginative and crazy blogs that leave me shaking with uncontrollable fits of laughter. Many a days when I,m bored in a jav or pub have I turned to your blog posts and felt my melancholy slide away like the receding of fog when the sun reemerges. Jade with ur illusions, mumbling, fiction and simply fabulous works of literal art. You have taught me that I need not conform but I,m free to dare to let my imagination run wild. Do not falter in the path you follow, you do not walk alone. Ivy, the silent observer for always letting me know that no day goes by without you perusing my posts. It is that kind of silent devotion that makes me hope that while some might not be vocal, they are however there. Your presence in my blog and in my life is welcome and refreshing. Yvonne for not only being a fan but also being part of the literature especially for her role in that beautiful play you acted on during easter. You are a free spirit and your company enough to create fodder for thought and hence the creation of beautiful posts. Moreover some of your suggestion to my life have been taken seriously and there is no doubt in my mind that many posts will be inspired by the outcome of those acts. Moreover, i thank you for showing me that there is no reason for fear, ur truly a remarkable friend. Lastly to the many silent fans, I salute you my people and I,m sure that Kenya salutes you too.


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