Abraham Lincoln once said that imagination is better than knowledge. In his opinion, knowledge is limited yet imagination encircles the whole world. So you must be wondering where i’m going with this imagination issue. Well, our lives are moltivated by our ambitions to achieve some desires and inevitably live better lives. Why is that, several reasons actually. Philosphers have concurred that the sole reason for being is to pursue happiness. This was reinforced by the American forefathers who stipulated in the constitution that man is fre to pursue happiness. But most importantly, every individual has long term goals that he/she wishes to succeed at the end of the day. This in my humble opinion is what many talk of as being “my dream” This is made true by the old andage “i have fought a gud fight, i have kept the faith, i have finished the race.” This faith is the vision of what one want to be or achieve and it is important that no obstacle stand in your way and achieving this vision. It is prudent to understand that money in iteslf is material, and self actualization should involve seeking something much higher that material benefits alone. There are those that want to have decent families and raise good kids that will make them proud one day. While I believe that a good faimly can indeed cause fulfilment, it is not, atleast in my opnion, a prerequisite for happiness. Moreover, becoming some one soceity can look up to is a good dream but that does not mean that mean who do not hold major positions are less important in soceity. the main thing is everyone to do their best to live good lives, be better people and always remember their brothers and sisters. In the long run,  what will mater is whether you loved God first then your neigbour as much as you love yourself.


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