is it proper for women to approach men

I know that like everything else in life the answer to this question is very subjective and depends on the person being faced with this subject. I have always thought that the approach with intent to forge romantic liaisons should be the preserve of the male. I have therefore felt over time that women should not be in the business of pursuing men but rather let men go out of their way to woo women. However, this is not always so as women sometimes ignore the dictate of nature and relentlessly pursue their male counterparts. Sometimes, the scenario is not always that severe but limited only to some women approaching you for the first time. I remember in high school when some ladies would approach you with a letter and asking whether you can deliver it to a certain individual. Most ladies just had that in mind but many would continue to strike conversation and even make a subtle insistence that you should show them around. The most ridiculous part of it would be those ladies who would ask you to while they can see clearly your are just a visitor to that school like her. For some reason those acts tended to put me off regardless of how pretty the lady was and I always preferred to be the one doing the “hunting rather than be the hunted” In recent past this trend has continued with some ladies being brave enough to approach you and tell you they like you. I do not mind that much when a lady does it casually, I do however take an issue with those that try to pursue this particular liaison further than ground zero. It is not so bad in a bar when you are all alone and some hot mama says hi and goes on to give you very interesting company. I however have to make it clear at this juncture that I do not believe in either chips funga or sausage kamata. So after the beautiful company then i have to ask leave of my company and I head home to my cold bed to stagger into dreamland alone. So what inspired me to condemn these heinous acts by our ladies? On wednesday after a very tiresome session at the ku gym, sweaty and tired i headed back to my friends house for a shower and dinner,. As i enter the estate gate this lady passes me, stops and say hi and tells me that she always sees me around. The lady informs me that she lives in the same lane so we continue walking and chatting until we got to where i was going. Now this gal has a figure like wow and under the moonlight, lady looks like halle Berry, no exaggeration. She gives me a hug and a peck on my cheek and I’m wondering why such a beautiful lady would go to all that effort for a broke ass like me. The following day the lady comes over to say hi just when I’m bout to leave for the gym, with a short provocative dress and , mama mia, the lady is too beautiful with lips that can tempt the devil. Needless to say I dont even let her past my door, and I can sear that hug was too tight as if it was meant to……My people it is time to run like hell so I ask her to push me to the gym, promise to call he later, leave the gym, pack my belonging and I’v sworn not to go back there. Moral of the story, ladies intruding into our lives uninvited complicate our lives when we trying to be decent fellows. Now if i had a galfried, n assume i was a weak character swayed easily by beauty, its not nuclear science what could have happened. And whose fault would it be, the lady. And who would be blamed as usual, the man. It is truly an unfair world.


6 responses to “is it proper for women to approach men

  1. Well, i’ve learnt one or two things… But that’s unfair!! so i aint supposed to go for wat i like?? any way. as u’ve said, it’s not a fair world. just out of curiosity, would u seriously run if i came after u?

  2. hehe, wololo, if i was a guy, peter i would so go for that mama, seein as she’s very hot who cares if she made the first move, thing is she’s hot. That said i would not hunt a guy.

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