Kikuyu men, perfect lovers

For a long time, Mary had a fantasy of being with a Kikuyu man.
One night, when she was in a bar, she met a handsome Kikuyu man called
Kimani who appeared to be great, so she figured, what the hell, she’d go for

So Mary asked the fellow to come home with her. When the two
got to Mary’s apartment, Mary told him about her fantasy, and asked if
he would be a part of it.

Well, kimani agreed, so the two headed for Mary’s bedroom.
Mary said, “OK, first, I want you to undress me and tie me to the bed!”
So Kimani did so. By this time, Mary was worked into a passionate frenzy.

She looked up at the guy and said, “Now, big boy, do what you do best!”

Kimani couldnt believe his ears….

So Kimani picked up her TV, PC, DVD, Phone, Jewellery, VCR and left in her car. indo ni kuoya kuoya…


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