Taking a trip down memory lane

There are unique memories that draw an individual into nostalgia and yearning for a time long past. Sometimes when life knocks you down and everything seems to loose meaning we find ourselves remembering the past, reliving those moments that made us feel alive. For those moments exist when small people feel big and those who are ordinary believe themselves to be super. Today is such a day for me and I cant stop myself from walking down that lane, stealing some measure of happiness from moments of old when my heart had swelled with happiness and all my dreams had seemed so easy to fulfill. I remember Lilian my first love and the beautiful lesson she taught me. To her credit she made me a believer in what i had believed to be just a myth, love. She made me learn that life is too short and that we must learn to live for the moment and that in our mortality, there can be no room for fear or worry. Died so young my love your memory always a source of strength in times of sorrow, fear or worry. RIP dear, may fate allow us to meet in a better place. Dam now im too sad to continue such a paradox life, for happiness to be sadness is inescapable.


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