new constitution

After so many decades of being governed with a colonial document, we have spoken. But that is an understatement since the whole of Kenya has roared their acceptance of the proposed new constitution. What does it mean for me? Nothing in the short run but i feel that in the grand scheme of things, this new document offers me countless opportunities not only to achieve my dreams but also chart a clear path towards the realization of my ambitions. There are things that I will mis about the referendum campaigns. first I will miss seeing two great rivals abandoning their rivalry and pitching camp together in support of this document. Their acts have brought unity to Kenya and helped overcome some suspicions between two of the most prominent tribes in Kenya. I will mis Mutahi Ngunyi’s outrageous commentaries in his bid to stop the ratification of the constitution. The fellow was so radical that the publisher gave him the axe before the poor guy could be hauled to court for incitement. Word to nation management, we need him back or im leading a boycott of the Sunday nation. Kenyans again showed the world how mature they are and refused to engage in acts of violence and thuggery against their fellow country men. I hope that politicians will read the mood and appreciate that Kenyans are not willing to be taken for a ride and that it is time they walked the talk before we usher them out.


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