I Think i still love my ex part 2

The last time i wrote part 1, i was confused and did not know how to handle the challenge so unexpectedly thrown at my feet. But the days that followed were marked by intense reflection and the pursuit of clarity where confusion was rampant. It was not easy but I am not one who is easily dissuaded by hurdles or hardships. Yes when a path gets tough it is important to turn inwards and question one self on what is truly important. In this regard I came to learn that in this life, actions speaks louder than words. So when people use certain words to create a certain perspective and employ different actions that are contrary to those words, then the only conclusion that one can make is pure insincerity. Therefore when such a contradiction exist, it is important that we chose to consider what the actions imply rather than what the words convey. Secondly, never make anyone a priority when they just take you as just an option. This is because those people who truly love you will ensure that they make you feel loved, wanted and mostly valued. If you find that the only thing keeping that relationship moving is you, it is time to sit back and ask your self “is this real.” The other so called better half never calls, always too busy for you and still has the gut to lie to you that your important to them. Pleaseee, open your eyes people thats pure crap. Thirdly never believe that you love anyone too much to let them go, I,m here to tell you that it is not true. No one is more important to your life that you’d rather be unhappy with them rather than not leave and give yourself the chance to seek real happiness. Sometimes when you allow yourself to move on, you may find that what you thought was beautiful was just a mirage formed out of enslaving of one’s will due to infatuation and delusion. As time goes by we will continue with discussion but for now I have decided to follow a path of singleness in order to pursue autonomous reflection in order to make better choices.


5 responses to “I Think i still love my ex part 2

  1. I agree wit u we’v got to really open our eyes n c who deserves our love n i believe if sme1 realy loves they wil find a way to tel u nt only thru words bt wit actions

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