I think i still love my ex part 1

This is the story of the unending saga of me and my ex. However to expound on our long and tumultuous relationship will be stressful and even boring to many. However one thing is clear, this is the one woman who weaseled into my life and stole my heart just like that. To my credit it was she who decided so long ago that she had to have me and relentlessly pursued me despite my several efforts to avoid being boxed. I failed and in the process allowed myself to fall for a woman who my whole being told me to run away from, fast. For over 2 years we had that kind of bittersweet relationship that brought both smiles n heartache to my simple life. Now this girl was hot, the kind that men on the street would stand and stare when we passed. Shock on me when we started communicating again and the woman just literally took my breath away. What!!!!! The woman looks everything a man can want, beautiful sexy and my God, the booty. Add class and well shes the kind of gal models are envious of. Funny thing is the gal is trying to convince me that shes tired of dating her boyfy coz according to her the guy is boring and unexciting. Shes planning to leave him. Yeah right like i believe her. This dude is a doctor come government rep who is a multi millionaire, mansion and several cars. So why would she wants to leave all that for a simple pauper like myself, my point is she wouldn’t. Or would she, that my people is for the good lord to know and for us to speculate. I got to admit that being around her is an experience like no other. She makes life move from ordinary to amazing from dullness to fairy tale. And I always curse the day life brought her to my life and in guise of an angel turned out to be a thief who dint deserve the jewel the good lord placed somewhere round my chest. I dont know how this story ends but I hope for my sake that it is not in the hands of this misplaced beauty queen.


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