I love series

There are many things that appeal to the hearts of mortal men. Some are righteous while many are downright evil, sometimes not as much but simply humanly sinful. I have many weaknesses and I would love to share them but this particular blog is dedicated to series. Movies are good but my heart simply goes gaga over a good series. For movies i prefer to wait for mega blockbusters like clash of the titans and i head over to numetro for a real theater experience. I love comedies but more than that i love epic series that are full of lies and fiction. Yap my policy is since all acting is lying or make belief the more the lies the better the series. Plus im in love with mid evil times and I love all those series that strive so hard to portray the beauty and chaos that was so imminent during these perilous times of human development.  The following is a list of my current top 10 series and i hope that it will be a reflection of my undying love for this long works of film. 1. Supernatural 2. legend of the seeker 3. spartacus 4.How i met your mother 5. 2 n half men 6. House 7. merlin 8. calirfonication. 9. kyle xy 10. big bang theory.    There are many others but for now let me limit that list to 10.  I would greatyly love to hear your choice and if you favor me with attending to this blog, leave me your list after you finish. Thank you, fellow series lover.


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