Prodigal son returns episode 1

It has been so long since last i stayed at home. It feels truly like the prodigal son coming finally home and surprisingly, it feels so damn good. There are many reasons why iv always found it better and easier to live anywhere else but home. I love my family and would love to always be near them but the reality of life makes it hard to indulge in such fatalistic tendencies. First in line is the fierce dogs at home ad the neighbors who take such pleasure at tormenting me every time i have the audacity to come home late. There is a good reason why our dogs would do this to me but i find that the neighbors are simply sadistic or have conspired with ours to make my nyt life miserable. When our dogs are young i have tendency to feed them their faeces when they excrete outside my house to teach them good manners. ironically i have learned that unlike children dogs have a long memory and they in turn make it their life goals to torment me every chance they get.. …picture 5 monster dogs breathing down at your heels letting you know that they can bite you anytime they choose and nothing you can do about it….our dogs have funny if not nice names depending on they hound personalities. there is Bruce which sadly have passed on and named so since he was the most vicious dog to ever grace our home, now this dog has to its credit over 10 bites and have single handedly thwarted several robbery attempts. So nasty was this dog that the neighbors who so love to trespass on our property hatched a diabolical scheme and poisoned him.RIP mighty one, may you forever guard the gates of heaven from the likes of one ken kioi.Then there is…….


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