Living at the Coast

Having realized that sometimes a man needs to start afresh, i decided to move to Mombasa to reinvent my life. Some would ask me wether I have succeeded. i have no simple answer to that and it would be wrong for me to try and rationalize a scenario that i cannot possibly be able to grasp presently. My trip to Nairobi last weekend increased my determination to avoid the capital and instead prefer the stillness of the Coast compared to the bustle and hustle of town. There are a couple of things that make mombasa unique, both in a good way and a bad way. First the ocean is a beautiful sight, alwyas able to sooth me as i sit on the beach and gaze unto the wonder of God’s creation. Afterward s i rush to the merchant baker who lends me swim costume and takes care of my belongings as i rush into the water for a well deserved swim. This is of course as i pass by bintis, where the aforementioned lady treats me to coast delicacies in her humble hotel. Lately i have discovered that you can acquire two fresh sizable fish at a cost of 100 then have then  nicely fried and served with ugali and kale. Trust me Binti can cook fish and the end result is heavenly. Sometimes you can just sit at pirates club and enjoy the beautiful sight as you sip some chilled wine. The other thing about coast is the nyt clubs. Every where you go the coast is full of beautiful and massive night clubs with nice dance floors and powerful sound. It is rare to be bored at the coast since friends here will always be up to something and it is hard to be lonely or immensely bored.  Morever i have been teaching at a local college and i have realized, unfortunately so that teching is hard work and have decided to take a break. i am not a quitter and my decision was necessary since the school was not paying me a cent.  I have been besieged by several business ideas that the coast offers one who is willing to think outside the box and i hope that time will allow me to exploit some of them. I hope that by the time my sojourn ends in Mombasa, I will live a very big Mark here.

PS: the coast people having embraced me as their own have given me the name, Mohamad so ya all dont be surprised.


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