a new begining

My life has been a true roller coaster, both sweet and bitter. I have discovered that as a person i am uniquely different, in both a good way and bad too. i have made progress in some areas while at the same time have screwed up in so many. i have allowed my self to love and be hurt and have led others to love me who have ended up being hurt too. i am a paradox, simple yet too complex to fathom. One day some might call me an enigma others an anathema, yet none will be too wrong. FOR THOSE I HAVE HURT I SAY “FORGIVE ME”. For those who have hurt me, i forgive you. For the knowledge i have gained, i appreciate those who have played a part in making it possible. For the mistakes iv made, i regret them not for in them, i became strong and wise. For the people whose lives have enriched mine i say that you are indeed gold in a world full of lead. And for the many who have dulled the brightness of life, may god grant you his mercies. But now it is time to make a fresh start, to become a new individual. And like Abraham i have to migrate to a new land, reinvent myself to position myself to be the man i must become. the journey i have taken will not be easy, for it is full of holes of uncertainty. But i face the obstacles bravely and i hope, at the end of this perilous journey will be victory and glory.


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