mombasa iii

For u who had the decency to read my last blog ud be aware of the catastrophes that have been happening in my life. After trying so much to locate the malicious toad behind the invincible evil force orchestrating all these tragedies in ma life, i decided a holiday was in order. So i found myself in a night bus on a Wednesday nyt heading to the coast. On arriving at the coast i promptly boarded a mat to that sin city mtwapa to catch some well deserved sleep after serious worry that that mad driver might not get me there in one piece. Later i decided to visit a pal of mine at mikindani which is a nice estate as u head out of mombasa city. We shot some pool which i eheee demolished him thoroughly. The following day saw us heading in search of nyali public beach which turned out to be a very deserted beach, haunted perhaps… now the highlight of this day was this dude who accompanied my friend edu. now this dude came dressed so officially ud think he was a millionare and hence the journey began. This dude avoided paying any of his bill anywhere including transport fare for all the places we went. The excuses given included i need to find an mpesa and when the mpesa is located, he needs to find an atm now. Now this dude can eat. So imagine the guy has the audacity to keep on asking for chapos n vikombe vya chai n he knows very well he aint got a cent. It aint a crime to be broke but for real, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable in a man. Later we headed to pirates beach where i spent the afte reminding myself how to swim in the rain. later as i went to have tea with my friends, the lady there asks us ‘hamjapata wasichana wakumwogesha na kisha mpasuane huko kwa maji’. deciding to show my ignorance i enquired as to what this kupasuana means only to be answered by the other lady ‘kupasuana ni kutiana huko kwa maji’. Shock on me. Friday saw me spend the whole day alone and needles to say the day was spent sipping drinks at the pirates club, swimming and basking in the sun. later i decided to go have a drink at the tembo disco where those fools have the audacity to sell beer at 200 per bottle, wtf. nonetheless i at least got interesting company from this bootylicious chic who was too sweet indeed. Later on being a serious opponent of indulging in chips funga, i said hurried goodbye and made my way to my hotel room. the rest of the holiday was uneventful except on sunday during my back trip when the damn bus left me at the town and took my luggage with me.


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