lift ur curse, i apologise

Life during the month of may had bin a little intolerable and it started me to become paranoid and wonder whether someone had cursed me. Now im not a superstitious person but with all the crap happening so first, a man got to consider all options. First my cpu decided that it had enough of viruses and went dead, just like that. Then my roomies comp died also after the roof decided to leak, n get this, the leak just had to be on top of that cpu. Why cudnt the rain just leak onto the cloth and force me to do a necessary wash up, but owing to the fact that i believe the leak was orchestrated by a mganga…it made sense. So i packed my extra heavy cpu n headed to the fundi who charged me a whooping 500 to work on it. Funny thing is when he opened the thing, whaaaaaaaat there was enough dirt inside to start a greenhouse farm in the beach. nonetheless the dude purportedly worked on it and after paying him quickly proceeded to go home to continue with work. Goddamit it, this thing doesnt have no drivers. pissed i called the dude and called him several unprintable names for been so incompetent….anyway later got them and came back to check on that effort. Shit, as i went to hook up the monitor i dont know how it happened but the monitor went crushing down as if pushed by an invisible hand. again my people i am fronting that act as the second exhibit as to the existence of an evil force making my life miserable. Only question is, who is directing that force….i have a few guesses ken kioi bein top of my suspect list. Its may n my tribulations continue with the sudden death of my modem and now im out of options so please my people, advise needed. PS heading to church soon to exorcise those demons so if ur behind them, be warned; we are casting you to the swines.


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