Long time my people

i salute you all my dea people n i hope that life in this great nation of ours has treated u fairly. It has been a roller coaster ride over the last few days and needless to say that i have emerged strong albeit a lit bruised. i have learned a lot n met great new people who have enriched my life n taught me that fresh beginnings are in deed possible. The fa league ended with the mighty blues taking a double n though my gunners won nothing, but then again so did the man u fags. it was particularly pleasing to see the rowdy haughty and daft man u fans bite humble pie and this time round, they are going to be dusting empty shelves. Its time they let go of relic fagson or i see a very bleak future indeed. as for our beloved gunners, we did our best and i hope that next season we can at least bring home some silver ware….cant wait for that.  in other areas, i have had better progress and its my hope that the morale that i have picked continues. i have started mastering the art of salsa and im finding that with knowledge comes the part whereby enjoyment is increased as one joins in the rest in salsaic gyration. Rosey kudos for being there to encourage me all the time. speaking of rose gal if i break an arm skating im suing you for all you’ve got but its fun so thanks for teaching me how.  now all that is left is to head to panari and utilize this skills in ice skating…Kenya might have a new Olympic champion in ice skating. In martial arts im advancing very fast and i have learnt new techniques that makes jet lee appear harmless…aiii hua katawuki saki,…yiiiaaaa don’t mess with me men. The only problem is that i have become a rave addict n it has become mandatory for me to report to a club every friday n Saturday and i need to stop. Who knows how to stop club addiction im willing to pay for information that might lead to the end of this disease. In the meantime before such a remedy is found, the party continues. In other unrelated news iv just seen a post of a ku student who just collapsed and died. its scary yes but is shows that we only have the moment and we should stop postponing things for tomorrow. Live for the moment or as eminem would say u better loose ur self in the moment.