..my weekend escapades

Furahi day turned out to be  just one of those depressing days, nothing much happened. i ended up in da house watching movies alone, wishing for the first time in a long while i had a girlfriend. Sometimes this single life isnt what is made up to be. Anyway maybe in coming Fridays things might step up n rock…Saturday turned out to be much better since i headed home to see the parents n it was fun despite some serious extortions by my sister,sometimes i wonder whats the benefit of such a sibling. Later i followed my cuzo to rwaka to a new pinting joint owned by a pal, the base is called Chiwawa. So everyone was taking wat looked to be either expensive whiskey or strong naps, n in following on the footsteps of these Romans, i decided to partake some viceroys. four double shots later I decide its time to leave n head back to my sleeping den before things got out of hand.A pressing bladder got me headed to Betty’s to the loo where i bumped to some home pals n I found myself at a table with them. The place was packed as always but its cool coz the table i was sitting at had these really hot mamas n well, their dancing was awesome..Later i see another pal of mine, cyrose, looking fly as always and after exchanging pleasantries…she gets a table just behind me. I know shes a pal n all but i couldnt help myself admiring the way she moves on the floor…yah gal shake what ya mama gave ya.I think i left around 1 n after a mandatory rendezvous with nevada for chips n chicken, I found myself quickly at that inside my warm bed. Sunday was just like any other day but for the fact that i mised salsa since i had lunch with my fly buddy, tiffany n so heading to the village market for cofee at dormans. While there i decided to watch the movie Clash of the Titans at silverbird n men wasn’t the movie impressive. All in all it was an interesting weekend n i’m really starting to mist the weekends. PS.ope everyone had a fab weekend.


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