being single

…today i found myself wondering whether being single is all its hyped out to be. I was hanging wit my pal n his chic n they looked pretty happy n wen i left them i was sure the guy was a bout to have a very vibrant nyt if u catch my my question is,which is better being single or in a relationship.Anyway for me I’m finding this single life a bit reckless ps: refer to my easter escapades.However,there is still allure about relationships to have someone who cares bout u, getting laid whenever u feel like it…responsibility to her that keeps ur promiscuity under check…however some of us have learnt to be unpromiscuous. Anyway all in all i think ill stay single for another while check out the world have me some fun maybe just maybe later than sooner, ill get hooked up again.For u all in relationships all the best, for the single la vida roca.


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