…reflections of easter

.wat to say bout easter first, mad respect for JC for dying for us…I fil seriously remorseful for not making it to church…nonetheless, it was a gud holiday. For those wondering where i am right now, I’m holed up at rehab somewhere to drench the alcohol in my blood drank all the way from thursday to sunday on a daily basis..all this after being told by a certain old lady doc not to pertake of any illegal or legal brew..no worry madam doc i took just the legal stuff, barely. The real toll however is on my pocket very shallow today for sure…rolling the way we do, it takes serious cash but no worry the lord shall provide…Afetr my friday nyt out at thika I found mysel at bettys on saturday 2 for the man u game n damn dint the fags get a whooping..yap the devils tamed by the mellow blues, oohhh the irony damn that had felt gud…sunday found me at the thetre watching a play,confessions of a harlot where me buddy, sexy Yvonne was acting damn fine play it was..kudos yvonne a star is born i tell ya. Later i hooked up wit me pals grace n my cuzo mad po n headed to kachoi for super rock n damn we know how to rock…we are the last of a dying breed, the ultimate rockstars. PS…thanks Yolanda n Rosy for getting me a chance to kick that rocker wanna be ken, that felt gud…so we just went mad,will attach pictorial evidence so watch this space, n rocked till early mon…unfortunately nothing eventfull happened on monday n spent the day watching pleasant point wit my buddy Cess…or may be she was watching it n i was watching her shes got very sexy..u know wat….ope she doesnt see this…all in all damn fine easter. so wat did u guys do?????????????????????????????


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