Tropez thursdar before easter

On a day so dulled by unending rain,i took my ass to tao on an afternoon with the sole intention of looking for colle for my siz. Well that never happened n i had to uncover certain dirty tactics to evade a certain post mortem date with my dad….he he the old dude didnt know wat hit him. So I had this kacoffee date with live yvonne, who brought me a theatre ticket to watch the play “confessions of a harlot”. So ya on satu my ass is headed to that cultural hall to watch me, hopefully, some fine acting form sexy mama( serious hope here). So any way I link up wit sexy ivy at geez for, ya u guessed it right, more coffee n some interesting talk n gal u got to remove those braids i mis ur extremely long hair(babe got hair reaching to her hyperbole)… Needless to say my tummy is just full of that brown cheap stuff that our joints tries to pass as coffee, damn si i miss a nice dorman latte. What followed after is Usain Bolt style sprint across town towards that rock haven, tropez for some serious rock to usher in easter. SHOCK ON ME. The dj, probably high on some cheap miraa decided that no rock today n im stuck here listening to Mariah carey as the rain pounds the roof outside.As the English would say “bollocks”. So my pal Grace comes over n wecha, later her pal joins us with this chic who is purporting to be from the stone age..hi hi hi the chica actually got frozen on the entrance, totos of nowadays. The drinks keep on flowingn as i start enjoying thiscrowd the burgers decide to leave, with elnino howling outside, nigga pliz aint no way im leaving in this rain. This is how I ended up alone sitting next to this two mama,one of the smoking like a chimney. sister get a life. So they start katikaing n this one mama can shake her tush,so i forget my drink n im just wondering how the hell dou zungusha like that …anyway go, mami go mami shake it like a salt shaker …next to us commotion n this skinny short nigga is attempting some jetli moves on this other dude, dont know wat the beef is all about….but short dude gets tossed out of club via balcony,for real dude now thinks hes superman…just then dj plays my cryptonite n i show this muthafathas how rockstas get it on…MU HA HA HA….its midnyt n its time to take my ass to slip, laters my pips.


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