…my friday nyt at Thika

..so the nyt found me on an old rickety mat heading to Thika with the fore most intent of locating a  swine den and hungrily munching on their roasted delicious flesh…disapointment awaited me as i could not trace any open den…i had to settle for some delicious rice with spiced beef stew yummy….hey dude stop eyeing my food, hi hi hi my pal who has refused to take any must be broke…or fasting….who knows any guesses? after that we head to these fishy joint called popeyes pub n some sailor bouncers sitting there are like, Ids dude this place iko tu downnnnnnnnnnn so we ditch the slum pub n head to thornton…the place is okay but not that great but since beggars cant be choosy we select some balcony seats n order our brew…after 2 drinks we decide its time tocall it a nyt….wow u gals look cute, some chicas eyeing us…wonder wat they are thinking…probably twilight chics. On our way home i notice this joint called brown bottle, yap must make an appearance there next time….


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