..my weekend escapades

Furahi day turned out to be  just one of those depressing days, nothing much happened. i ended up in da house watching movies alone, wishing for the first time in a long while i had a girlfriend. Sometimes this single life isnt what is made up to be. Anyway maybe in coming Fridays things might step up n rock…Saturday turned out to be much better since i headed home to see the parents n it was fun despite some serious extortions by my sister,sometimes i wonder whats the benefit of such a sibling. Later i followed my cuzo to rwaka to a new pinting joint owned by a pal, the base is called Chiwawa. So everyone was taking wat looked to be either expensive whiskey or strong naps, n in following on the footsteps of these Romans, i decided to partake some viceroys. four double shots later I decide its time to leave n head back to my sleeping den before things got out of hand.A pressing bladder got me headed to Betty’s to the loo where i bumped to some home pals n I found myself at a table with them. The place was packed as always but its cool coz the table i was sitting at had these really hot mamas n well, their dancing was awesome..Later i see another pal of mine, cyrose, looking fly as always and after exchanging pleasantries…she gets a table just behind me. I know shes a pal n all but i couldnt help myself admiring the way she moves on the floor…yah gal shake what ya mama gave ya.I think i left around 1 n after a mandatory rendezvous with nevada for chips n chicken, I found myself quickly at that inside my warm bed. Sunday was just like any other day but for the fact that i mised salsa since i had lunch with my fly buddy, tiffany n so heading to the village market for cofee at dormans. While there i decided to watch the movie Clash of the Titans at silverbird n men wasn’t the movie impressive. All in all it was an interesting weekend n i’m really starting to mist the weekends. PS.ope everyone had a fab weekend.


man u losses truly rare moments of bliss

i am happy completely engrossed with feels of complete bliss. Of late man u is doing something iv expected it to do so well, loose. On saturday, they made my day a bit livelier by loosing to Chelsea, n today im sleeping with a smile on my face…needless to say it is a beautiful feeling. i know of one fool who is going to bed with tears on his face, one ken kioi soon to be a k u almni hi hi hi wat a great way for him to leave…i bet the rocksta wannabe is going to be a burnley fan from now…imbecile. I do pity my pal ivy too bad dea much love for u but tonyt i wudnt have it any other way…lol. PS the man u loss is enough to take away the arsenal loss jana, if i can change it so that we both win i wudnt change a thing.

being single

…today i found myself wondering whether being single is all its hyped out to be. I was hanging wit my pal n his chic n they looked pretty happy n wen i left them i was sure the guy was a bout to have a very vibrant nyt if u catch my drift..so my question is,which is better being single or in a relationship.Anyway for me I’m finding this single life a bit reckless ps: refer to my easter escapades.However,there is still allure about relationships to have someone who cares bout u, getting laid whenever u feel like it…responsibility to her that keeps ur promiscuity under check…however some of us have learnt to be unpromiscuous. Anyway all in all i think ill stay single for another while check out the world have me some fun maybe just maybe later than sooner, ill get hooked up again.For u all in relationships all the best, for the single la vida roca.

a sad day for the gunners

This will be short for it is more a memorial for a grave loss, an exit that leaves my heart sad n burdened. However this loss might be assuaged by that of the devils tomorrow, so lord grant us tomorrow a man u loss…the catalans outplayed us perhaps even outclassed us, but atleast they are the champs….it is an honour to fall to such worthy adversaries. This season like several others before, it is evident that we will not take home any silver ware..emirates continues to be a place of doom n hunger…a desire to witness just the lifting of a trophy…how we hunger, but the bible says lucky are the hungry for they will be fed. ..next season another chance for glory or a curse for perpetual loss and torment. Gudnyt fellow gunners, n RIP the dreams of noble arsenal fans, for a season barren of silverware.

…reflections of easter

.wat to say bout easter first, mad respect for JC for dying for us…I fil seriously remorseful for not making it to church…nonetheless, it was a gud holiday. For those wondering where i am right now, I’m holed up at rehab somewhere to drench the alcohol in my blood drank all the way from thursday to sunday on a daily basis..all this after being told by a certain old lady doc not to pertake of any illegal or legal brew..no worry madam doc i took just the legal stuff, barely. The real toll however is on my pocket very shallow today for sure…rolling the way we do, it takes serious cash but no worry the lord shall provide…Afetr my friday nyt out at thika I found mysel at bettys on saturday 2 for the man u game n damn dint the fags get a whooping..yap the devils tamed by the mellow blues, oohhh the irony damn that had felt gud…sunday found me at the thetre watching a play,confessions of a harlot where me buddy, sexy Yvonne was acting damn fine play it was..kudos yvonne a star is born i tell ya. Later i hooked up wit me pals grace n my cuzo mad po n headed to kachoi for super rock n damn we know how to rock…we are the last of a dying breed, the ultimate rockstars. PS…thanks Yolanda n Rosy for getting me a chance to kick that rocker wanna be ken, that felt gud…so we just went mad,will attach pictorial evidence so watch this space, n rocked till early mon…unfortunately nothing eventfull happened on monday n spent the day watching pleasant point wit my buddy Cess…or may be she was watching it n i was watching her shes got very sexy..u know wat….ope she doesnt see this…all in all damn fine easter. so wat did u guys do?????????????????????????????

..Easter Saturday very early

This nigga Ken wakes me up early dude, dint u ever watch Spartacus “never wake a sleeping gladiator” now get the fuck out here….dude goes like I just need to borrow some breakfast….burger off this aint a soup kitchen…now were is  the daft man u fag headed to, probably dropped dead after. Anyway its freaking cold n Im off to ngong road to take a pal of mine to check for a house, lady says shes too grown to live in mama’s house, gud luck in the harsh real world…catch u later guys, mucho gracious.

…my friday nyt at Thika

..so the nyt found me on an old rickety mat heading to Thika with the fore most intent of locating a  swine den and hungrily munching on their roasted delicious flesh…disapointment awaited me as i could not trace any open den…i had to settle for some delicious rice with spiced beef stew yummy….hey dude stop eyeing my food, hi hi hi my pal who has refused to take any must be broke…or fasting….who knows any guesses? after that we head to these fishy joint called popeyes pub n some sailor bouncers sitting there are like, Ids dude this place iko tu downnnnnnnnnnn so we ditch the slum pub n head to thornton…the place is okay but not that great but since beggars cant be choosy we select some balcony seats n order our brew…after 2 drinks we decide its time tocall it a nyt….wow u gals look cute, some chicas eyeing us…wonder wat they are thinking…probably twilight chics. On our way home i notice this joint called brown bottle, yap must make an appearance there next time….